Max Tweaker Swash:

    • Swash: sweetspot heart of the noise circuit
    • Noisegait: music-noise flow control
    • Pregain: first stage gain
    • Preclip: second stage diode clipping select
    • Postgain: third stage gain
    • Postclip: third stage clipping select
    • Treble: sheering high-end
    • Bass: rumbling low-end
    • Low power: simulates low battery, each setting is a whole new swash...
    • Self-oscillation: amount of internal feedback
    • Self-osc stomp: kicks self-osc in/out (with LED)
    • Volume: plenty of it!
  • LFO: A rhythmic wave swashes uncertain characteristics of the noise in and out. Speed knobs, flashing LED, on/off switch
  • LFO on/off stomp: Stomp LFO modulation in and out
  • Tame/Trouble: Select between classic swash (trouble) and complete silence in bypass (tame)
  • Noisevol: Gain of noise signal, effects self-oscillations (prior to master volume)
  • External Audio: Modulate the noise with a second input jack
  • ...or Clean vol: Volume of clean signal


True-bypassed with LED indicator (3PDT stomp). 
9VDC powersupply included (USA orders). 
Die-cast 7"x4"x2" aluminum box.

Our "semi-modular" Swash... Same features as the Max Tweaker but with a CV In/Out jack, and blue LED to indicate presence of CV signal.

Flip switches for LFO and Self-osc, and Stomp switch for Bypass. Perfect for table-top use.

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1 year warranty


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