12AY7 Mic Pre



Class A Tube Microphone Preamp

Total tube performance. The 12AY7 Mic Preamp is all about dynamics with warm tone and true accuracy. Using a 200V power supply, the 12AY7 Mic Pre has a wide dynamic range and up to 50 dB of gain to boost your microphone level up to line level. Balanced XLR I/O allow it to interface into any pro recording setup while a 1/4" TRS balanced buffer out can be a splitter or aux send for monitoring. Also included are switches for phase reverse, 48-volt phantom power and low frequency filtering. To top it off, a +4 dBu LED indicator is included to help you optimize your levels. An FET current balancing circuit eliminates noise and hum allowing the tubes to amplify your microphone in a noise free environment with all the warmth and color tubes can deliver.

Dual vacuum tube performance: Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 preamp tube and 12AU7 output driver tube

Wide dynamic range, warm tone and superb accuracy

50 dB of gain into high impedance load; 40 dB of gain into 600 ohms

Full 200 volts plate power supply dwarfs the competition

Balanced XLR in and out

1/4" balanced buffered output with separate volume control

48 volt phantom power switch with soft start

Phase reverse switch

Low frequency filter switch

+4 dBu LED indicator for setting optimal levels

12AC-1000 power supply included

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