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The Electrosmith 3340 VCO is an all analog, voltage controlled waveform generator that uses a reissue of the legendary Curtis CEM3340 IC.

Many believe this chip to be the greatest sounding analog oscillator of all time. Simultaneous outputs of sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square waves are available along with linear/exponential FM, hard/soft sync, and PWM capabilities. Volt per octave tracking covers a huge 10+ octaves and is extremely stable across all temperatures. Snag a piece of history with the Electrosmith 3340 VCO. 

  • CEM3340 based architecture

  • Analog waveform generator

  • 10+ octave range with accurate 1V/Oct tracking throughout

  • Linear and exponential FM

  • Hard and soft sync

  • PWM control

Download the manual here.

Download the build guide here.

Check out all of the famous synths that use the 3340 IC here.


This module is open source! View the source files:

Schematic PDF

Eagle File



Format: Eurorack

Width: 6HP

Depth: 36.8mm

Power: +12V: 38mA, -12V: 27mA, +5V: 0mA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review