A case for those, who take modulars seriously! 2x126HP (6U) cases come with removable side panels, same as 84HP case, and are configurable for horizontal or vertical placement, and also two cases combined, when double side panels are used.

As standard 140mm deep enclosures come with horizontal wooden side panels, Erica Synths high quality linear 2,5A PSU (5A total, please specify voltage at the order) and two power distribution rails with 17 connector sockets each. Don't forget to check Eurorack Case accessories for options – pre-installed +5V PSU or Erica Fusion 6VAC tube heater modules, vertical wooden side panels and wooden side panels for double use.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions with wooden sides
680mmx300mmx210mm (case depth is 135mm, but wooden side panels make it under the angle).

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