Erica Fusion modules have insignificant (max 15mA) power consumption from eurorack power supply unit(PSU), but they require separate, easy to install 6VAC PSU for tube heaters. Erica Fusion 6VAC PSU is designed to power up to 7 Erica Fusion modules. When ordering, please make sure, you select a Fusion PSU that is configured for the voltage in your country. 

NB!!! THIS TUBE HEATER PSU IS DESIGNED TO WORK WITH ERICA SYNTHS OR DOEPFER LINEAR PSUs or any other PSUs that have 220V INSIDE your modular case!!! Makenoise PSUs and other PSUs that lead DC into the case, will not work. PLease contact us on possible solutions if you still wish to have tube modules installed in cases with different PSUs!


Technical specifications:

Input voltage

110/220V AC

Output voltage

6V AC @ 2A



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