EMS Synthi inspired 10 input to 8 output matrix mixer with touchscreen, 250 patch memory and unique performance mode.

Inspired by EMS Synthi, Erica Synths MATRIX MIXER is unique, easy to use module with resistive touchscreen that allows you to route any (or several simultaneously) of 10 inputs to any (or several simultaneously) of 8 outputs. Input signals (audio and/or control voltage) are not only connected mechanically; they are mixed together on a buffered input mixer. Likewise, if you wish to route one input to several outputs (use the Matrix Mixer as a splitter), outputs will be buffered also. 250 patches can be saved in the internal memory and recalled instantly. The module has unique Performance mode, when you can chain multiple patches in a long performance so that patches change automatically, clocked by external or internal clock. Matrix Mixer saves 128 infinitely long Performances. 


Resistive touchscreen (patch cable can be used as stylus)
Route any of 10 inputs (or several simultaneously) to 8 outputs 
Input signals are mixed together on a buffered input mixer
Buffered outputs (if you route one input to several outputs)
250 patch memory (with patch names)
Internal clock (20-320 BPM)
Performance mode (chain multiple patches)
Automatic patch change (via internal or external clock)
Updatable firmware (via USB & PC software)

Technical specification-
Input signal level: up to 20 Vptp
Inputs: 10
Outputs: 8
Signal mode: both audio and CV
Mixer GAIN: 1
Resistive touchscreen: 3,2”
Internal clock: 20-320 BPM
Power supply: bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard
Power consumption: 150mA@+12V, 45mA@-12V
Module width: 29.5HP
Module depth: 40mm

Firmware update (PC only at the moment):

Download Firmware updater file
Unzip it and save on your PC, make sure, PC is connected to the Internet
Turn off your modular synth
Use standard USB-miniUSB cable to connect the Matrix Mixer to your PC (miniUSB conector on the Matrix Mixer is on the right side under the touchscreen)
Push and hold ENTER button on the Matrix Mixer
Turn on the modular synth, Firmware update screen will appear on the Matrix Mixer. Release ENTER button
Run Firmware updater on your PC and press Enter on your PC to activate update. Enjoy firmware update process.


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