Creating "texture and design-ability" is a very important part for product’s appearance.

We carefully used our processing technology cultivated for over 40 years and stick to commit to the “Product's Face · First Impression".

Enclosures, lids, and knobs are all made from "A5056 aluminum" material (cut & processed)…

A5056 Aluminum can only purify in a round shape at the material stage, It needs to be cut and processed into an ideal shape.


It is a material that is near impossible to finish as a beautiful exterior product, unless you are the world’s top notch craftworker with special processing techniques under proper processing conditions. 

When it’s done right, It has the most beautiful appearance that’s no comparison to other materials used for stomp boxes…

"Decorative Cutting Spindle Finish" is given to the top surface, and it radiates seven shining colors radially!


"A2017 aluminum: commonly called Duralumin" is used for the hexagonal washer for the foot switch, it’s very high strength. Also we are using Nakamura’s processing technology here that is same as the finish of the decorative item grade.


“Enclosure, back lid, knob, hex washer" All are in an unprocessed state, the top surface is protected by the spin finish with clear acrylic. You will enjoy nice patina it gets as time goes on as well…

Sound Design:

· Sparkling clean sound with Volume knob clockwise and small amount of GAIN

· Crunch sound with medium amount of GAIN and adjust by COLOR

· Lead sound at GAIN maximum

· As a special booster when combined with other pedals


Creamy but really cutting through in the mix

Honest response to players feelings and expressions

Sensitive to Picking nuance and attack

・Appearance that's hard to miss on dark stage




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