Hobbs Theremin Special (SOLD OUT... Please let us know if you are interested!)

Here we have a very special one of a kind High-End Theremin available for you~

It is fully handbuilt(wood enclosure/hand wound coils/Antenna/etc…) by Artists/Musician/Engineer/Teacher Charles Hobbs from Brooklyn NY…


Hobbs Theremin is designed and built more like the original Theremin from 1920s… and influence from Original RCA Theremin in a contemporary way… it is not like Moog Etherwave Theremin.

We wouldn’t recommend Hobbs Theremin to beginners, but we would totally recommend it to a “Intermediate to Pro” level Theremin players who is ready to explore richer/warmer/deeper sounding instrument…


You might have seen Hobbs Theremin used by Dorit Chrysler(Moog Artist) as her main Theremin or Rob Schwimmer playing his Hobbs Theremin at New York Theremin society. Their model is called “Standard”… What we have here is called “Special”.


“Standard” has beautiful Mahogany wood finishing enclosure, but it gets heavy. Charles made this “Special” model, which weighs about half of “Standard” model… (Yes, weight matters these days on traveling on airplanes, etc…). So this “Special” is built in a black lacquered wood-laminate cabinet… also beautiful. (just like Piano Black finish…)


“Standard” weighs about 7.5lb/3.4kg

“Special” weighs about 4.2lb/1.9kg


・Width (approx. 19 inch/48.26cm) xDepth(approx. 5.inch/12.7cm)x Height(approx.4inch/10.16cm)

  (*above measurements without antennas)

・1 year warranty

・comes with Power Supply(100V~240V)

・Mix of red/green/blue LED lights can adjust back panel window Color for your performance enhancement…

(remember Theremin doesn’t stick out on stage due to its size and shape… You and instruments will be noticed a lot more with these Lights… more fun!)



・Volume Knob

・Pitch Knob

・Depth Knob

・Low knob

・Hi Knob

・Mute Switch



・On/Off Switch

・Power Supply Jack



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