The Malekko Barker ASSMASTER is inspired by the original Maestro Bass Brassmaster octave fuzz pedal. Hand-built by us, this modern version delivers the same octave overdrive/harmonic generation effect in a quiet, fully controllable pedal. It features a recessed LED indicator, a pop-free true bypass switch, and a tough lexan face. The 5 controls provide complete control over the tone, overtones, harmonics and mix of the dry and wet signal.

We now offer an expression jack for the sensitivity control. Very cool! Get an expression pedal for hands-free sensitivity freakouts!

The pedal is powered by a 9v DC adaptor (neg tip) or internal battery snap.

The ass volume controls the volume of the distortion signal

The ass switch selects the tone of the distortion

The bass volume is the dry signal control; also provides massive gain to the dry signal

Harm selects the harmonic spectrum of the effect

Sensitivity controls the depth and response of the effect from subtle to excessively saturated

Sensitivity Expression Jack Upgrade $20


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