Spring Reverb Emulator Pedal

The SPRING CHICKEN is proudly hand built by us in-house in Portland, Oregon using the highest quality components!

Since the dawn of time, musicians have tried to cram a giant spring reverb in a little tiny enclosure. We bitches at Malekko have worked tirelessly like watchmakers for many years on this project alone– spiraling springs into enclosures only to have them pop out like a peanut can full of snakes… There’s got to be a better way!

Re-introducing the Malekko SPRING CHICKEN! No longer using Lexan overlays, the SC enclosure is locally powder coated and screened. The SPRING CHICKEN has the legendary “dwell mod” already in place. This little buddy is a VERY nice sounding spring reverb emulator, and although we didn’t invent this IC, we sure made it sound fantastic! This is one of those pedals that’s hard to stop playing with– Every time I engage this reverb it puts a smile on my face!

“CLUCK” is the wet/dry reverb mix amount, and “DWELL” is the reverb feedback amount.

True bypass, simple to use, and features expression pedal capability for reverb amount control. Operates on either 9vDC neg tip power supply or 9v battery.

Current draw is 90mA and operates on a 9V battery or optional 9VDC neg tip regulated power supply. Enclosure size approx. 4.75″ x 2.6″ x 2.25″.


Three controls:
CLUCK is the effect mix.

DWELL is the feedback amount. Turned all the way up, your SPRING CHICKEN will feedback. Seriously.

EXP is the jack for expression pedal use. This will control the CLUCK amount and, with the DWELL turned up all the way, you can control the amount and strength of the feedback in your sound! Use this to prevent egg on your face.
(When expression jack is in use, the CLUCK pot is disengaged and will not effect the mix. However, the DWELL pot will continue to determine the feedback amount, and feedback is based on the overall mix amount.)

To clarify:
The pedal has two pots: the CLUCK and the DWELL. CLUCK is the wet/dry mix, and DWELL controls the amount of feedback. So for a shorter reverb, turn the DWELL down, and for a longer reverb, turn the DWELL up.
If the DWELL is set to maximum amount, it will feedback. (And yes, it will continue to feedback when the effect is turned off.)
This feedback is intentional on our part. It is an effect which can be controlled with an expression pedal very easily and can be super-cool!

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