Shin-ei U-915 Chorus/Vibrato Rack Module

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Product Overview

Created by the Shin-ei Custom Shop, the U-915 chorus/vibrato rack module is a 19" rack mounted version of the Vibe-Bro with the addition of some innovative and desirable flexibility.
Only twenty-five units will be available for purchase.





The U-915 features the same manual flexibility as the Vibe-Bro with a little extra added love. Familiar features include the Bypass-Preamp switch, Volume/Intensity controls, and the Chorus-Vibrato switch. Additional new settings include a front panel mounted toggle switch to choose "Vibe-Bro In or Vibe-Bro Out" and two speed setting controls which we label "Fast and Slow".



THE U-915 includes two rear panel stereo switching jacks. These allow the user to control EVERY manual function REMOTELY via external footswitches (not supplied). Innovative power and relay switching allows this functionality without sacrificing any tone or depth of effect. 



The heart and soul of the U-915 lives inside an attractive high quality 19" anodized aluminum enclosure offered in either black or silver. The standard U-915 Rack Module is designed for 120 volt use. A 240 volt version is available in very limited quantities.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review