Trogotronic TR-Valkyrie

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Death from above with a high voltage shriek: TR-Valkyrie marks, destroys, and parties upon arrival in the great beyond mountain lodge of Valhalla; Odin forbid you should drop her on your foot. Weighing in at a scale tipping mass that is now stereotypical of Brünhilde’s soprano role, the chassis was originally factory built by the inventors of the first production Wein-bridge oscillator. Her heaven-sent innards wrought of 4 pentode tubes completely rewired to suit the alchemy of a Trogotronic Custom. TR-Valkyrie performs demi-deity grade feats of analog audio generation or treatment to whatever you choose to run through this metal mother of all flying ladies adorned in helmets horned. When these original units were state of the art test equipment no expense was spared in their construction; these were the very best that money could buy and could not be had for less than a goodly Nordic treasure.

    All Analog, All High Voltage
    Massive Linear Point to Point Contructed Power Supply
    Quad Tube All-Pentode design
    Extremely Heavy Duty Vintage Palo Alto Chassis
    11 Control Knobs including Fine Tuner
    Dual Indicator / Power Lamp
    Optional Internal International Power Selection with fused link
    Doubles as Insane Gain Modulating / Mortalizing Preamp
    Sings Like a Ring Cycle Performer on a Week-Long Acid-Binge
    Auxiliary Output for Dimensional Effects & Variety
    7 Element Vactrol Control Voltage Array
    7 CV 1/8″ Inputs
    7 CV Attenuators / Parameter Controls

She boasts inductors purpose built for her terrible objective, twin petode preamp & twin pentode power tubes to overwhelm, two-tone indicator lamps that herald her approach and a plate sized knob for range finding. Her stance is monolithic, her mass crippling and louvered flanks leave nothing to the imagination: She performs filthy feats of unearthly analog terror with great pleasure & motivation, her audio display befitting her supernal namesake.

Reinforced with a complement of new replacement parts to bring her up to date for years of service the knuckle dragging Trog-techs offer her up to fly again, this time in a central role no less than Wagnerian in scope.

Note that compatible cores are in limited supply. Hand-wired reconstruction takes between 1-4 weeks to complete. Given the age / service life of the cores cosmetic imperfections from wear & tear etc. are to be expected.

Audio Samples:

    TR Valkyrie Heard Solo (with reverb)
    TR Valkyrie modulating Drum Machine (dry / no effects)
    TR Valkyrie CV (dry / no effects)*

* 0:00 to 0:08 = two channels of CV being run to two hard-panned VCA’s. Running through these VCA’s are sine waveform at a frequency of approximately 240cps. This demonstrates the nature of the two channels of CV that controlling the Valkyrie CV after the 8 second mark.


    Table Top Chassis 11″x 8″ x 12″, 22lbs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review