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WMD Protostar


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Product Description

Harmonic Density Engine

The Protostar is the evolution of the Super FatMan envelope filter with even more pro level features.  Built in LFO, 4 filter modes, full CV patch bay, and expression/CB input, this is the most powerful/versatile envelope filter on the planet.  Also includes an end of chain compressor and dry wet mix for parallel filtering/compression effects!



Attack - How fast the envelope will react
to the incoming signal. Controls both
attack and release.

Threshold - How sensitive the envelope is to the
incoming signal.

Env Amt - Attenuverter that controls how much
the envelope will affect the frequency of
the filter, either negatively or positively.

Resonance - Synonomous with feedback or Q,
this is a boost of the frequencies around the
frequency cutoff.

Freq - Also known as cutoff, this knob’s
position dictates the resting place of the
frequency cutoff.

LFO Rate - Make the LFO go faster or slower
with this knob.

LFO Amt - How much the LFO will affect the
frequency cutoff.

Compression - End of chain compressor squashes
the wet signal to suppress unwanted honks, and
resonant oddities.

Dry / Wet - Amount of unaffected vs. affected signal
coming through the output.

Sidechain - Direct input to the envelope follower.
Normalled to the input, use this to have the
envelope follow an external source.

Exp Out - Output for the expression pedal
input. Exp isn’t connected to any control
internally and must be patched.

- Env Out - Always sending +5V until the
envelope is triggered, bringing the voltage
down to 0V and back.

+ Env Out - Sends a CV signal following the
envelope. Signal is 0V to +5V.

LFO Out - Constantly sends the triangle
wave LFO CV signal, reacts to LFO rate knob.

LFO Rate - CV input for control over LFO rate.
Sensitivity adjustable with internal trim pot.

LFO Amt - CV input for control over LFO amt.

Freq - CV Input for control over cutoff frequency.

Feedback - CV input for control over resonance.

Expression Input (back panel) - Plug a TRS
cable from any expression pedal into this, patch
the exp out to what you want to contol, and
express yourself.


  • Power: 9VDC, Boss Style Center Negative, 400mA. 1A supply reccomended. Do not exceed 9V.
  • 1A supply recommended.
  • Internal Bipolar 12V power supply.
  • 0-5V nominal CV range. All inputs/outputs protected.
  • LFO CV sensitivity and Compressor Gain adjustable internally.
  • Relay true Bypass.
  • Expression Pedal: 10k - 1M pot. TRS connection.
  • Patch Points - Mono or Stereo cable. Signals are mono.
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.9" x 2.4"


Product Videos

WMD Test Lab Video Series: Protostar (03:55)
The Protostar is the next generation of the Super Fatman series of pedals. Its an Envelope Filter with 4 modes, CV Patch Bay, internal LFO, and FX Loop. This is preview of the sound of the Protostar. The Protostar is officially in production and will be available soon! Key features: - Next Generation of the Super FatMan series of pedals. - 4 different filter modes - Adjustable envelope control - CV Patchbay - Classic envelope filter sound achieved with low pass setting and adjusting envelope amt. - LFO is normalled to the Frequency of the filter. Turn up the amount for quacky tremolo sounds. - LFO goes way fast and can also get a sort of ring mod type effect. - Create a phaser like effect by using notch mode with slow LFO - Use CV from the + envelope out into LFO speed or amount to create dynamic LFO effects. - Dry/Wet mix - Post filter compression WMDEVICES.COM
  • WMD Test Lab Video Series: Protostar
    The Protostar is the next generation of the Super Fatman serie...
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    Today in the WMD Test Lab is Caleb Tardio, another WMD family ...

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