BPNYC ZERO CENTURION ELITE Eurorack Modular Travel Case “Holy Grail” SOLD


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Product Overview

BPNYC ZERO CENTURION ELITE Eurorack Modular Travel Case “Holy Grail”


One of a kind eurorack modular case!


I used to work at vintage clothing store in NYC. One day customer brought in 2 Vintage Halliburton travel case. That was the first time I actually learned about this cool travel case.

I fell in love with this space age/spy movie/durable design and aluminum material right away. Since then I always wanted one for myself but never had an opportunity for some reason.


In Eurorack modular world, case is essential to power up the module and also to protect modules…

Everybody spends hundreds of dollars on their modules but a lot of them don’t like to spend much on their cases… I have a completely opposite of that idea. I would want a case that’s durable and also shows your character and aesthetic.

That’s when I realized that I wanted to do make one of a kind case that’s beautiful and original, also strong. Vintage Halliburton case fulfilled all my needs on that. Indeed these cases are designed to survive tough condition on all sorts of traveling and on top of that they look cool. It will protect your modules and you will stand out at the show with this space looking design. You can find pictures of Beatles traveling with this case or Apollo 11 Astronauts carry moon rocks back to earth in a Halliburton case!!!


These cases are made for different scenarios. They are made as for traveling/camera equipment/business brief case… at BPNYC we would like to convert these cases into one of a kind Eurorack Modular Cases!!! Just like Don Buchla was using Halliburton cases for their Music Easel back in the day??  How cool is that?


Here is how it works to build each one of this unique case:


1.finding a right size case that’s suitable for Eurorack. 

2.get rid of unnecessary parts and clean up… (ie: brief case folders or whatever inside the case and sometimes stuff on outside)

3.removing original long hinges that connects top and bottom case and adding removable high end hinges(so that case top comes off). Also replacing all four feet to slightly taller ones so it doesn’t damage new hinges. 

*This particular case didn’t need this procedure because it already had removable top which is VERY VERY RARE thus we call this case “Holy Grail”.

4.installing eurorack power bus, rails, Frame Shock Mount…


*Each case I find is in different condition so they all require slightly different jobs…

*There are a lot of small details to make each cases look nice and function properly~


All cases are already in vintage used condition so they all have scratches and imperfections but that’s part of the cool patina factor for these cases!


7U Case = 3U+1U(pulp logic style)+3U  96hp/Row


This case is powered by MDLR Eurorack case powered busboard 85W incl power brick


MDLR PWR is a high precision low noise and high-powered bus board for your eurorack modular systems.

With a total of 40 headers you’ll never run out of connectivity, so all your lovely modules can be easily connected.

It’s designed for use in all kind of eurorack cases up to 12/104HP. 

Please check www.modulargrid.net for your power consumption first.

By using an external PSU adapter there is no risk of high voltages inside your eurorack case.

MDLR PWR is fully protected on the input as well on the output to ensure maximum security.

1x Meanwell GSM90A19-P1M is included.



Power 85W

+12V / 4A

-12V / 2,5A

+5V / 1.5A


Technical specifications:

Dimensions 420 x 140mm

Height 23mm

Weight 400g


Output stability  ±1% for 0-100% load

Input 18V ( 16V – 20V )

Output Connectors 40 x 16 pin IDC for flat cable

Input connectors WAGO spring terminals + 5.5 / 2.1 DC inlet

Efficiency 92%



Input overvoltage

Input reverse polarity

Output overvoltage

Output short current – automatic recovery

Output overcurrent – automatic recovery

All output protections are independent for each rail


  • Other Input common-mode LC filter with high efficiency of canceling noise and interference from input connector
  • Additional input filter on each regulator for minimal output noise and interferences
  • Shield for reducing RF interferences from regulators
  • Star distribution topology on PCB
  • Each “beam” from star topology has 4 headers with noise canceling capacitors.
  • In star topology center are another noise canceling capacitors
  • A big ground plane on both sides of PCB
  • Blue LEDs indicate present and drop of output voltage
  • Recommended power brick for one board – Mean well GSM60A18-P1J


Do you wanna know more about Halliburton cases??

Check out below~




About Zero Halliburton Cases

Selecting a Case to Convert

96hp 7U Conversion Process

(*Modules in pics are not included in Price)


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