One of a kind well made MIJ electric guitar... created with fun & uniqueness in mind...

All the parts & woods are carefully hand selected by the builder.

Stratocaster-like look with Tele-like sound in mind... yes... not really?

What really does matter here is this guitar simply plays great & sounds great!

Rest is up to you to create modern music that blows everybody's mind.

Play some Jazz? Shoegaze? Afrobeat? Hair Metal? Hip Hop? Calypso? Art Noise...? 

・Fully handmade & assembled

・22 Frets

・Bone nut

・Maple Fretboard, Neck & Body

・Gotoh Tuners & Bridge

・Neck Radius 16"


・2x Gotoh single coil pickups

・3 way pick up selector

・1x Volume Knob, 1x Tone Knob

・Very unique original pick up cover

・No strap pins on purpose (Builder wants player to decide where you want them & what kind...)

Please come to our showroom to play if you like(appointment neccesary!).

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