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BPNYC interview series- Timo Ellis

 Name:  Timo Ellis                                        1.What  does EFX/Pedals  mean to you?  あなたにとってエフェクターってどう言う存在ですか?a lifetime of fun! (or at least a semi~valid excuse to creatively mess around for years on end一生の娯楽!(もしくは、一生創造的活動していると言う妥当な口実、) 2.What is your first EFX/pedal ever? 初めて購入したエフェクターは何ですか?the blue Ibanez Super Metal青色のアイバニーズスーパーメタル   3.What is favorite [...]

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BPNYC interview series- Torbitt Schwartz

Name: Torbitt Schwartz a/k/a lil' shalimar, Taco                                                         1.What  does EFX/Pedals  mean to you? Those are the things you step on when you run out of ideas!  Nah, especially for [...]

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Old 8 track Cassette Recording...

My old 8 Track Cassette Recording"Images" by TADANOSHIN a/k/a Tada, RetadaTadayuki Hirano - Distortion Bass, Les Paul, Drum Machine, Finga Conga, Keys, All Vocals, Lyrics, Music小さい頃、よく夢に出て来たイメージ Images you used to see all the time when you were little目を閉じた時に見えるイメージ Images you see when your eyes are closed部屋の角/床/重力 Room Corners/Floor/GravityTEAC MixerTASCAM RecorderOld Cassettes Thanks for checking out!

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How to use effect pedals w/EH Ring Thing, DBA Soundwave Breakdown etc...

Here is a youtube video of  How to use effect pedals video by Boutique Pedal NYC. Recommended for beginners and intermediate players!!! We hope U enjoy! used gears: Electro Harmonix  Ring Thing w/Expression Pedal Death By Audio   Soundwave Breakdown Maxon   AD-80 Vox  Wah Channel Switch Boss TU-2 Gibson Les Paul Custom Peavey Classic 30 Amp

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