BPNYC interview series - Luke O'malley

2nd Feb 2012

Interview Date:8/26/2011

Name:Luke O'malley                                                                


1.What  does EFX/Pedals  mean to you?

    I think of pedals as the sonic equivalent of color to an artist. Sketches are beautiful but color them to life


2.What is your first EFX/pedal ever?

    Boss Heavy Metal


3.What is favorite pedal you ever owned/used the most?

    Wah Wah


4.What does music mean to you?

    It is the monster that chases me. it drives me forward by whispering in my ear


5.If you would design a pedal, what would it be like? What would you name that?

    A band pass filter that only lets filtered sound through and uses an expression for the Q. "The Sweeper"    


6.What would you say to friends in(or about) Japan or rest of the WORLD?  

    Japan: A beautiful country with a rich history. i am anxious to come visit you again.

    Rest of the world : Say hello if you see me on tour!


7.Anything to promote about your recent activity?

    Superhuman Hapiness


8.Your  discography?

     All antibalas albums

     Superhuman Happiness

     Phenomenal Handclap Band



9. Your Link /Website…







 Luke in Jimmy Fallon show!