BPNYC interview series - Nick Demopoulos and his SMOMID

25th Oct 2013

Date 8/19/13

Nick Demopoulos


1.What  does EFX/Pedals  mean to you?

    Some type of guitar pedal, or audio device that you put in a signal chain


2.What is your first EFX/pedal ever?

    MXR Distortion Plus


3.What is favorite pedal you ever owned/used the most?

    I liked the Digitech 2 second sampling delay and Roland Space Echo


4.What does music mean to you?

    A huge dimension of sound


5.If you would design a pedal, what would it be like? What would you name that?

    I can't tell you in case I decide to market it 


6.What would you say to friends in(or about) Japan or rest of the WORLD?  

    Give me a gig please


7.Anything to promote about your recent activity?

    Just gigs on the SMOMID


8.Your  discography?

     Exegesis : Order of chaos, Harmony of the anomaly

     Nick Demopoulos : Harmonic convergence

     International Fiction : Rhymes with adventure, I will stop there, But there is more


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Nick performing with his inovation SMOMID...



Nick with Jazz Drummer legend Chico Hamilton


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