BPNYC mini interview series - Nathan Cearley from Long Distance Poison with his Modular System

25th Oct 2013

Date 9/27/13

Nathan Cearley -

Thanks for checking out BPNYC's mini interview series...

This time I invited Nathan Cearley. He is a Leader/Modular Synth player in a project called "Long Distance Poison". He is also busy organizing many of Modular Synth Events in NYC area. I have experienced two of Modular Synth Events organized by him in last 3 months that should be experienced by more audience, not only Modular fans but all around Electronic music lovers. If you are modular synth fan, you will enjoy for sure but Nathan's imagination for putting an event together is much more than just Modular Synthesizer... His understanding & appreciation to Video Artist/Modular Synth Player/Other Experimental Musicians/and Much More, are very obvious when you enter any of his events. 

Just a week after his latest event "Modular Equinox", I was lucky enough to have him in my studio and talk about his experience with music and his equipment. This is just a little bit of what we talked about...

There will be another Modular Solstice event organized by him at the Silent Barn in December. So stay tuned and be ready for more Live Modular Synth Experience!!

-Retada BPNYC


1.What  does Modular mean to you?

    To me, Modular means direct partcipation in the creation and transformation of sound


2.What is your first Synth ever?

    My first Synth was a Mini Moog. My boss sold me when I was 16. My first experience with Modular was with a Buchla System at Evergreen State College in the mid 90's.


3.What is favorite modular you ever owned/used the most?

    Right now, my favorite module is my Bucket Brigade Delay...


4.What does music mean to you?

    It gives me a chance to stop talking and to begin thinking in a different way. Ironically, making music gives me the chance to listen.


5.If you would design a module, what would it be like? What would you name that?

    I would like a voltege controlled tape deck module. I love cassettes.


6.What would you say to friends in(or about) Japan or rest of the WORLD?  

    I would love to come to Japan to put on some modular events!


7.Anything to promote about your recent activity?

    I just finished organizing and putting on the Modular Equinox at the Silent Barn- The next one will be the Modular Solstice in December!


8.Your  discography?

     My Project, Long Distance Poison has a couple of records out and tons of tapes


9. Your Link /Website…




Nathan's One of Settings


Nathan talks about his set up... interview by RETADA BPNYC

Modular Synthesizer Solstice 6/22/2013 at The Silent Barn in Bushwick Brooklyn NY organized by Nathan Cearley filmed by RETADA BPNYC


Mark Dwinell & Nathan Cearley for Modular Equinox at The Silent Barn 9/21/2013