The Graphic VCO allows you to draw your own waveforms, arrange them in wavetables and wavetable banks, morph between two selected waves and alter the resulting wave in advanced ways (FXes) – apply FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush. 

Waves, wavetables, FXes and other settings can be saved and recalled from the memory instantly. The module has two outputs – the main output and the output with configurable suboscillator.

To have the module functionality up to date, we recommend you time by time check announcements about firmware updates for the Graphic VCO on www.ericasynths.lv or on our social media. You can update the firmware of the module via miniUSB cable. More detailed instructions of the firmware update can be found in User Manual. 


Versatile waveform designer
Morphing between two selected waves
Wavetable design
Wavetable matrix design
Versatile waveform alteration – FM, phase
distortion, ring modulation, wavefold,
wavewrap, bitcrush
32 classic wavetables included
Module state saving (Snapshots)
Configurable suboscillator output
Suboscillator tuning from -1 to -24 semitones
Suboscilator detuning (+/- 50 cents)
Skiff-friendly design
User waveform/wavetable upload via USB
Firmware upgrade via USB

Audio output amplitude 10Vptp
Octave range C0-C8
Sample rate 96kHz
Wave resolution 1024 points
Unipolar CV input range 0 -+10V
Bipolar CV input range -10V -+10V
Panel Width 16 HP
Module depth 30mm
Power consumption




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