Hailing From Brooklyn via Japan, Marianne brings a heavy dose of facility along with boundless energy that elevates them above other run of the mill electronically influenced rock outfits, its raw and inspired, drawing heavily from rock, electronic and experimental genres without relying on posturing vocalists and rehashed rock formulas.

A.K.A Retada. After he moved to NY, he played with Ultra Bide, Blonde Redhead, Cibbo Matto etc... He has his own band called Retada and Tadanoshin and also plays guitar with super disco funk band Chin Chin and touring around US and Europe... owner of Boutique Pedal NYC/Tokio NY

Genius String Musician with his own totally unique style. He played with Toys(Japan), Adam Bomb, Jimmy Tenor, Ultra Bide and toured around world. His artistic view is important input for the band.

Multi instrumentalist & producer. He played with David Byrne, George Russell, Arto Linsay, Organic Grooves, Jojo Mayer's Nerve and many others. As a remixer, he worked for The Streets, Twilight Circus, Quincy Jones etc.


Guest Musicians
John Davis
Yusuke Yamamoto
Steve Eto
Baye Kouyate
Moist Paula
Rhasaan Oyasaba



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