Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul Voodoo 2003 SOLD

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KILLER Gibson Les Paul Voodoo 2003 Ebony(Amazing condition, See Pics!)

This one was built in USA Oct 13th 2003…

Guitar is in great shape and cosmetically amazing condition(never gigged outside).

Please check out our Instagram page for Demo of actual guitar…

It comes with OHSC (missing combination lock…)

Right now, strings are Elixir Nickel Plated Steel NANOWEB Coating(Bright/Smooth)

This MOTHER ****** is SO READY to KICK SOME ASS!!!




Used Gibson Les Paul Voodoo 2003 Ebony with Red Filler(Great condition, See Pics!)

Gibson USA's Voodoo guitars put a mojo sound and a juju look on four favorite Gibson solidbody models. The X-Plorer Voodoo, Les Paul Voodoo, Voodoo-V and Voodoo-SG all have a swamp ash body, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with red pearl Voodoo skull at the 5th fret, black chrome hardware and Black Magic pickups.


The swamp ash body and special finish give the Voodoos a lighter feel. Swamp ash is 10 percent lighter than mahogany and more porous. The guitars are painted ebony and then rubbed with red filler; a satin lacquer coat completes the unique stained finish, showcasing the grain and allowing the wood to breathe.


Red and black pickup bobbins and red-and-black snakeskin-grain Python case complement the Juju finish.


swamp ash body

ebony fretboard

496R & 500T pickups

red voodoo skull inlay



(No reviews yet) Write a Review