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1st Eurorack Module from Japan's Noise Pedal Maker M.A.S.F.

Noise Control knob with 3Mode select switch allows you to create unpredictable chaotic noise.

With live performace in mind, One Noise Control knob includes rapidly changing Cutup Noise and powerful Wall of Noise!

Using 2CV inputs to control Noise Control Knob, OSC 03 will take your noise adventure even further...

  • Format : Eurorack
  • Current : +12v,20mA / -12v,3mA
  • Width : 10HP
  • Depth : 30mm
  • Controls : Noise Control , Output Level , CV1 Level


M.A.S.F. warrants

this product to be free of defects in materials or construction for a period of one years from the date of manufacture. Malfunction resulting from wrong power supply voltages, backwards power cable connection, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by M.A.S.F. to be the fault of the user are not covered by this warranty, and normal service rates will apply. During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced, at the option of M.A.S.F., on a return to M.A.S.F. basis, with the customer paying the transit cost to M.A.S.F. Please contact M.A.S.F. for Return To Manufacturer Authorization. M.A.S.F. implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to person or apparatus caused through operation of this product.

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