M.A.S.F. Raptio

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Product Overview

RAPTIO is a glitch / hold effect pedal intended for extreme guitar play.

Toggle switch can switch between Glitch and Hold mode.

Glitch mode is a tricky glitch delay sound, Hold mode continues to extend the sound and mixes sounds delayed by 1 mSec to 10 mSec at the same time.

Wet Volume controls the volume of the effect sound, and Dry Volume controls the volume of the direct sound.

Rate control changes the repeating speed in the Glitch mode, and changes the delayed speed in the Hold mode.

A momentary foot switch that turns the effect on only while it is pressed.

In both Glitch / Hold mode, the sound never decays while pressing the foot switch.

Backpanel Design by Kosuke Kawamura

  • CONTROLS : Rate , Dry Volume , Wet Volume , Glitch/Hold
  • POWER : BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V “barrel” type tip negative) 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review