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Happy Holidays everyone! Here we have a fun footage from "Shred for your life / Guitar Battle", organized by good friend of mine MARK RAZO! He has been throwing this party for a long time and it is always A BLAST! Matter of the fact, Party is just getting bigger and better each time. You never know, you might become one of the contestants in a furure! Let me know if you(yes, you!) want to get involved in this. Send me your link or video or whatever fun! I was one of the contestants for this one. Unfortunately, I lost the battle but I had a great time PARTYING!!!

I Hope you enjoy!!!

TADA /RETADA/Boutique Pedal NYC

Shred For Your Life - Episode 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

Episode 1 of 8: Live from Santos Party House in New York City comes Shred for Your Life. 12 Guitarists face off in one on one battles judged by none other than legends Andrew WK, Matt Sweeny, Vernon Reid and Kirk Douglas. In episode one, follow the contestants and field reporter, Gavin McInnes, prior to taking the stage and learn a little more about the origins of the competition.

About Shred For Your Life:

Shred For Your Life was conceived in 2005 when a stray guitar was found in the back of New York bar, Max Fish, and passed among friends. Fascinated by the idea of a friendly competition, Mark Razo organized the first Guitar Battle on Easter Sunday in the back of Max Fish and has been gaining momentum ever since. The Off The Wall TV crew was on hand to record the epic event last year. For more episodes of Shred for Your Life, click here: http://offthewall.tv/show/shred_for_your_life


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