Cassette Tape version of album "BQE to SPACE" by Space Library...
Released by Australian label NONLINEAR...
available thru this page, https://spacelibrary.bandcamp.com/album/bqe-to-space or www.thisisnonlinear.com

***Cassette version includes 2 tracks...
Side Brooklyn(side A) - Big Triumph
Side Queens(side B) - Summer Last Song
***Digital version only includes Big Triumph as of now... 


Dan Snazelle - Modular Synthesizer 
Tadayuki Hirano aka RETADA - Drums 

Side Brooklyn - Big Triumph (23:38) 
Side Queens - Summer Last Song (23:25) 

Recorded in March 2014 
at Boutique Pedal NYC/Tokio NY 
by Tadayuki Hirano 
Mixed in Sept 2014 
at Snazzy FX 
by Dan Snazelle 

Forced Resonance(ASCAP) 


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