moddict / TDC-you Console EQ4

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4ch 3Band EQ + Unity Mixer module "Console EQ4" …

jointly developed by Moddict and Studio You's effect pedal brand "TDC-you" !!!

Made in JAPAN! 

Now available thru Boutique Pedal NYC in San Diego CA!!!


4ch 3band EQ + Unity Mixer

4ch 3band EQ (Audio only)
3ch Unity Mixer (Audio or CV)
If EQ's out is not connected, connect to Unity Mixer by internal connection (Max 7ch mix)
Self-oscillation mode !!!!(When LOW EQ and MID are set to the LOW side and a strong boost is applied)

  • 74 mA +12V
  • 75 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 36 mm deep

12 HP 

#Equalizer #mixer #utility #eurorack #modularsynth

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review