moddict BM4 [4ch Bufferd Multiple] w/LED


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Product Overview

BM4 [4ch Bufferd Multiple]

4 channels of buffered multiples in a 4HP!

It has the accuracy to be used for pitch CV.


Exquisite bluish gray silk is applied to the aluminum panel.

You can enjoy how it looks from different angles.


Each channel has 3 outputs, and the vertically aligned 1ch and 2ch, 3ch and 4ch are internally wired and can be used as 6 outputs.


The inputs are in the middle and the outputs are at the top and bottom, so patching can be neatly done.


There are LEDs on the top for each channel, which light up green or orange according to the positive or negative voltage.


Comes with a 1-year warranty against spontaneous failure.


Width: 4HP

Depth: 20mm

Current consumption: 32mA (+12V) 32mA (-12V) 0mA (5V)


Included: power cable, 2x M3 screws



(No reviews yet) Write a Review