Black Noise Modular QBI

Black Noise Modular

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Product Overview

The idea behind QBI is to fulfill two fundamental functions when patching:
-Duplicate a signal
-Invert a signal

These are two basic yet important and essential functions when patching.
But even though they are important, we wanted them to take up as little space as possible.

We therefore imagined QBI, a module of only 2HP capable of:
-Invert 4 different signals with very high precision.
-Duplicate a signal on 3 outputs without losses.
-Duplicate and invert a signal on 4 outputs without losses.

And the best of all is that you can add these different functions together to always meet your needs when patching.

Panel Width

Module Depth
20mm (skiff friendly)

Power Consumption
+12V : 20mA
-12V : 2mA
+5V : 0mA



Build instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review