Cosmotronic Peradam


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Product Overview

Peradam is an analog distortion module in 10HP with an internal sidechain, like a compressors twisted brother. The input signal is split up, the main signal goes into a VCA, while the sidechain is phase modulated, before being fully ring modulated, to create a signal at twice the frequency of the original. This signal then modulates the amplitude of the VCA, creating complex self distortions in the main signal.


That output then goes into a dual band drive circuit, similar to the one found in Cosmix, before entering a soft clipper output stage. Things get really wild when you start feedbacking this output back into the input, creating very rich feedback tones.


The module even goes into self oscillation at high feedback levels, producing all sorts of crazy sounds. Modulating all these parameters gives a broad palette of distortions, from subtle saturation to massive clipping and complete destruction.


Need a bit more drive? There's a handy +6dB gain switch on the input for that.

A blend slider allows you to further dial in your tones, and mix in the distortion to taste.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review