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Product Overview

The Instruō dàil is a high resolution quantiser, precision adder, MIDI-to-CV interface, and USB MIDI Host with a very small form factor suitable for any system.

As a quantiser, scales can be defined locally as well as externally via MIDI. The USB Host port will accept and power class compliant devices offering convenience and immediacy to melodies and sequences.

As a precision adder, existing signals can be offset by any defined chromatic interval. Transpose anything with accuracy using the calibrated buffered throughput which runs parallel to the quantiser engine. This feature alone makes for a great companion to any sequencer or 1V/octave source within a system.

No longer is a single repeating octave of quantised notes a limitation. dàil features a fully bipolar quantiser engine through which any multi-octave spanning scale/chord/arpeggio can be engaged immediately from your MIDI keyboard. Patterns can also be programmed onboard with precision with the ability to auto fill from a wide range of major and minor starting points.

Small form factor, big feature set!

dàil will suit any scale of system adding flexibility and immediacy to your melodic needs.

dàil | (verb) divide something into parts




4HP + 2HP
Depth: 32mm


+12V: 100mA
–12V: 8mA


  • Multi-octave pattern quantiser
  • On-board and MIDI controllable scale programming
  • Chromatic interval precision adder
  • MIDI-to-CV interface
  • USB MIDI host for class compliant controllers
  • Includes 2 HP MIDI Expander
  • Includes 5-pin DIN to TRS MIDI Type A adapter
  • TRS MIDI Type A and Type B compatibility

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review