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Product Overview

KNOBI is a multi-tool able to mix, attenuate, invert, display and multiply any kind of signal.

Knobi can serve a wide range of purposes – not only to pass butter - and this is true thanks to its internal signal path that makes use of some of the most useful building blocks of analog synthesis: a 4-channel mixer, a three-range offset, an attenuverter, a fixed manual gate and lastly a cascading multiple derived from the output stage of Agogô.

abc and d are Knobi’s inputs while is a fixed 5v reference output. The toggle switch next to d sets the range of the offset – the big knob below the meter. Connect a signal into one of the inputs to visualize its voltage value in the three digits meter. Keep in mind that this reading happens post offset and attenuverter – the smaller knob with (-) and (+) indications.

The pushbutton next to x4 adds a gate of 5v to the mix: with no input connected it will act as a manual gate output. Autopatch the r reference output into one of the inputs to use Knobi as a macro controller thanks the offset knob and switch to set the range and the attenuverter.

x1, x2, x3 and x4 are all cascading copies of the final signal path. Plugging a cable will break the normalization and the multiplication will reset starting from the next output. Four cables plugged in will output a copy at the same factor x1 - unity gain – making Knobi a versatile buffered multiple.


  • Thermal compensated 5v voltage source with dedicated output.

  • Four channel mixer with four buffered output.

  • Built in 3 digits voltage meter post mix / attenuation / inversion.

  • Offset with a dedicated three positions range toggle.

  • Manual gate button tied to the mix.

  • 4 cascading outputs in an open design configuration.

  • Unique signal path: mix – attenuate – invert – add – visualize – multiplicate.

  • “Whatever” power connector a.k.a. don’t mind the polarity.

• width 6HP

• depth 25mm

• 50mA +12V

• 30mA -12V



(No reviews yet) Write a Review