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Product Overview

Stereo oscillator with wavemorphing, folding, and PM

Sinc Legio is a simple oscillator with some tricks up its proverbial sleeve. If you need some basic waveforms, Sinc has you covered – and it makes it easy to spice up those waveforms with phase modulation, wavefolding, or hard sync. Sinc pairs well with other oscillators in your system, too: hard-sync and stereo PM inputs make complex sounds easy to patch. Combine broad-ranging timbral parameters with a vintage-inspired chorus, and you’re well on your way to stereo sound-design heaven in just 6 HP. 

Sinc’s multiple algorithms give a world of timbral possibility at the flip of a switch. Phase modulation, plucky FM, and bright and heavy modulation await. Did we put a wavefolder on it? Of course we did. Shape and fold to your heart’s content in Fold mode.

Not only is Sinc an incredible oscillator on its own, it’s also part of the Legio platform. Use the included USB cable to connect to the Customer Portal and swap the firmware to any other Legio firmware, completely free, at any time. Let that sinc in!

Size and Power

  • 6HP Eurorack
  • +12v: 140mA
  • -12v: 22mA

Sinc – from Latin: “treasure”

Legio – from Latin: “legion, army”

"A lot of treasure"

Sinc Legio manual


    • Module
    • Power cable
    • Micro USB cable
We no longer include screws with newly packaged modules. 

Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review