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Product Overview

The EnvVCA is compact analog envelope generator with a built-in low-noise exponential VCA. It's a perfect companion to any VCO, whether you trigger it or self-cycle, and/or use the envelope output to modulate something else. With a wide time range from 30 minutes to 10kHz, it can be used as an LFO, slew limiter, audio or CV VCA, ASR/ADSR envelope generator, audio-rate oscillator, and more.

100% analog

EnvVCA features:

  • Versatile linear envelope generator/LFO
  • Low-noise, low-distortion, DC-coupled exponential VCA
  • 100% analog
  • Sliders, switches and Time CV jack controls Rise and Fall times from 100µs (10kHz) to over 30 minutes
  • With sliders and switches only: ~1.25ms to over 2 minutes
  • Independent attenuverters for Rise and Fall time
  • Blue/red LEDs indicate strength and polarity
  • Cycle button for looping envelopes (LFO)
  • Trigger input jack fires a one-shot envelope
  • Cycle gate input jack toggles cycling
  • EOR (End of Rise) gate output can be used to chain and sequence events
  • Env Level slider controls output level of the Env jack without changing the VCA volume
  • Audio In and Out jacks for passing audio or CV through the VCA
  • VCA gain internally connected to envelope output
  • Follow input jack allows for slew limiting, sustain (ASR), and exotic filtering effects
  • Re-trig jumper allows for re-triggering during rise phase

The EnvVCA is essentially half of a Dual EnvVCA, without the VCA CV jack and Offset knob.


  • 8HP Eurorack format module
    • 0.95” (24mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
    • 10-pin Eurorack power header
  • Power consumption
    • +12V: 83mA, -12V: 81mA
  • Audio/VCA
    • 100k input impedance, 1k output impedance, DC-coupled
    • VCA gain range: -90dB to +0.9dB
    • DC to 20kHz, +/-0.1dB
    • VCA response to CV: exponential
  • Envelope Times
    • Minimum rise or fall time: ~50us (10kHz max frequency)
    • Maximum rise or fall time: >10 minutes (typically 15-20 minutes per segment)
  • Jacks:
    • Env jack:
      • when fall time > 11ms: Min = -5mV to +40mV, Max = +9.5V
      • when fall time < 11ms: Min = -200mV to -5mV, Max = +9.5V
    • Trigger jack: rising edge threshold = 2.5V
    • Cycle jack: rising edge threshold = 2.5V
    • Follow jack: active range = 0V to +5V
    • EOR jack: 0V to 5V gate output
    • Audio In/Out jacks: -10V to +10V maximum range without clipping


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review