4ms Shaped Dual EnvVCA [ShEV]


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Product Overview

The Shaped Dual EnvVCA is a two-channel analog envelope generator with waveshapers and a stereo linear VCA. Unlike conventional analog envelope modules, the waveform of each envelope can be controlled with a slider or CV without changing the envelope timing. With a wide time range from an hour to 2.5kHz, and a plethora of CV inputs and attenuverters, it can be used as an LFO, audio-rate oscillator, slew limiter, waveshaper, ASR/ADSR/complex EG, independent audio/CV VCA, envelope follower, sidechain processor, and general utility module. Each channel has dedicated linear outputs plus attenuverters and offset controls for the variable waveshape outputs, making it an ideal modulation source and stereo VCA.

100% analog

Shaped Dual EnvVCA features:

  • Versatile linear, exponential, and logarithmic envelope generator/LFO
  • Low-noise, low-distortion, DC-coupled linear VCAs
  • 100% analog
  • Shape Slider, CV Jack and Attenuverters for fading between Exponential, Linear and Logarithmic envelope shapes without changing the envelope timing
  • Sliders and Range switches control Rise and Fall times from ~2ms to > 2 min.
  • Time CV jack extends time range: ~400µs (2.5kHz) to ~1 hour
  • Independent attenuverters for Rise and Fall time
  • Blue/Red LEDs indicate strength and polarity
  • Cycle buttons for looping envelopes (LFO)
  • Trigger input jack and switch for toggling between AR, ASR, and Cycle modes of triggering
  • EOR/F (End of Rise/Fall) gate outputs can be used to chain and sequence events
  • Env Level and Offset knobs scale and shift Env Out without changing VCA volume
  • Audio In and Out jacks for passing audio or CV through the VCA
  • VCA CV inputs to use VCAs independently from the envelopes:
    • VCA gain internally connected to envelope output when VCA CV jack is left unpatched
  • Follow input jacks allow for slew limiting, ADSRs, and exotic filtering effects
  • Re-trig jumpers allow for re-triggering during rise phase

Shaped Dual EnvVCA

  • 20HP Eurorack format module
    • 0.95” (24mm) maximum depth (includes power cable)
    • 10-pin Eurorack power header
  • Power consumption
    • +12V: 255mA
    • -12V: 230mA
  • Audio/VCA
    • 100k input impedance, 1k output impedance, DC-coupled
    • VCA gain range: -90dB to +2.0dB, linear response to CV from 0V to 5V
    • VCA unity gain: 4.4V CV
    • DC to 20kHz, +/-0.1dB
  • Envelope Times
    • Minimum rise or fall time: ~200us per segment (2.5kHz max frequency)
    • Maximum rise time: >20 minutes (typically > 40 minutes)
    • Maximum fall time: >12 minutes (typically > 20 minutes)
  • Jacks:
    • Env jack: Min = -10.2V, Max = +10.1V
, maximum amplitude 9.3Vpp
    • Trigger jack: rising edge threshold = 1.25V
    • Follow jack: active range = 0V to +5V
    • EO* jacks:
      • EOR (channel A): <80mV low to >4.50V high gate output
      • EOF (channel B): <80mV low to >4.95V high gate output
      • Minimum stable pulse width: 1ms. Shorter than this may produce extra 50µs pulses
    • Audio In/Out jacks: -10V to +10V maximum range without clipping


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