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ALIEN CELLS consists of a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and a low frequency oscillator (LFO) that modulates the VCO. Both frequencies and modulation can be controlled by potentiometers, or by light or dark. Starting from an idea of ??RAY WILSON of MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE, the ALIEN SCREAMER, my modified version implements two LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) also called photoresistors, that is resistances dependent on the intensity of light to which they are exposed. These two components can be activated or excluded separately from the circuit, allowing us, when active, to drive the oscillators by casting shadow or light on them.
The switch on the left is dedicated to the LFO mode and has three positions: upwards, it allows you to control the LFO frequency via the photoresistor above. Middle turns off the LFO circuit, while down selects the lower left knob as control for the LFO. The switch on the right instead, in the central position excludes the addition of the photoresistor to the VCO circuit, while at the top and at the bottom it adds it but with a reciprocal behavior, i.e. in one position it increases the frequency with the light and lowers it with the dark, while in the other position it will do the opposite. Note that we could still adjust the excursion and tolerance of the photoresistor always with the potentiometer at the bottom "VCO FREQ". Finally, the central potentiometers are the general volume at the top and the depth of the modulation that the LFO will perform on the VCO at the bottom. The other two switches allow us to change the type of modulating waveform, angular or with "glide", or even square wave.


Dimensions: 202 x 131 x 60 mm
Standard case : 3D PRINTED PLA
Color : BLACK
Front panel : 1 power red led, 1 LFO red led, 2 switch 3 position, 2 switch 2 position, 4 knobs
Rear panel :  1 audio output jack, 9V DC jack, 1 power switch

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