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Third and last in the INSECTO series, THE WORMDRONE is a drone machine capable of creating powerful drones that vary slowly over time thanks to a low frequency oscillator (LFO) with three waveforms, ramp up, triangular, ramp down, which can modulate and modify both the pitch of the main oscillator and the opening of the low pass filter that is present in the circuit.
Overall we have a main oscillator (MAIN OSCILLATOR) that has a wide frequency range, thanks to an internal circuit that transforms the 9VDC of the power supply into a dual voltage of + 12V and -12V, also allowing the filter (VCF) to have a power more than doubled. There are also 3 other oscillators, a MODULATOR and 2 called VCA, because although they also modulate the main oscillator, they do so in amplitude (volume). The final result is a variety of sounds that can be obtained from this combination, from hypersonic drones to dark drones of presage atmospheres, from glitched and cadenced rhythms to classic and repetitive oscillations similar to those of ring modulations.
Dimensions: 178 x 122 x 36 mm
Standar case : 3D Printed case
Color : Black & Red
Front panel : 2 red led, 10 knob, 3 switches
Rear panel :  1 audio output jack, 9V DC jack, 1 power switch

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